Laced With Poison~

A long time in the making it's my 2nd anniversary this month... and this is my final funky drama mix. Usually I mash up a bunch of tracks that sound similar, but this is the first time I've actually tried to tell a story with the moods. The theme is a "harsh mistress" "femme fatale" sort of character playing on the classic concept "Death and the Maiden." You're attracted to her, and she's attracted to death. Pursue her and you WILL die.

Laced With Poison~ 

01. David Gold - Pulse of the City
02. Jean Claude Petit - Vers La Liberte
03. Stelvio Cipriani - Legamento No69
04. Lalo Schifrin - The School Bus
05. Guido E Maurizio De Angelis - La Polizia Vuole Giustizia
06. James Clarke - Watchful Eye
07. Joachim Sherylee - Waystar
08. Jean-Michel Lorgere - Psycho-Nebuleux
09. Claude Perraudin - Night Fever
10. Frank Ricotti - The Early Hours
11. Yoichi Yoshikawa - Kiken Noudo
12. Chumei Watanabe - Mad Gyalan No3
13. Frank McDonald and Chris Rae - Gun Runners
14. Peter Milray - Industrial Achievement
15. Trevor Bastow - Vidura
16. Nigel Hess - Galloping Sax
17. Geoff Bastow - Riff-Raff
18. Frank McDonald and Chris Rae - Mission Control
19. Nowy - Escalation
20. Chumei Watanabe - Kyojuu Shutsugen No4
21. Lonnie Liston Smith - Goddess of Love
22. Steve Everitt - Stevie's Angels
23. Yan Tregger - Girls Will Be Girls
24. Robert Hall Unknown - Kool Kat
25. Hubert Rostaing Et Yvan Jullien - Paris La Nuit
26. Guido E Maurizio De Angelis - Attesa
27. Gianni Oddi - Dreaming
28. Pulsar Music Ltd. - Six In
29. Harry South and Vic Flick - Bobbies on the Move
30. Stu Philips - Knight of the Phoenix Suite No5
31. Daniele Patucchi - Legamento No74
32. John Cacavas - Northside
33. John Scott - Phrenetic
34. Carl Brandt - Ambush
35. Robert Hall Unknown - Flashback
36. Nick Ingman - Sight and Sound 5A

Aside from my Xihong finale, I might drop some LPs here and there.


Anonymous said...



Mike said...

Looks interesting. You sure took your time putting together this comp. Been busy lately?

Hrangue said...

Long time, Thanks Okko

Yeah it can really be draining. I've been digging a lot lately. I've been to every shop in the city and a number of flea markets and library is almost non-existent. The stuff I did find, I put right back. Now I'm more so interested in selling off some of my collection to these different shops (if they're serious).

I have to take inventory and grade all the stuff that I have and tally up how much I want for it. I'm going to stay on the flea market circuit though... there are so many it's good just to make contacts.

Anonymous said...

One of your best compilations yet! Can't wait to listen to that shit in my car audio while cruisin thru my rainy hometown. Keep up diggin man.

If your interested/open minded enough, check out this gem of obscure OSTs from GDR Science Fiction Movies.

One Love!

.oO GermanFunkFever Oo.

Hrangue said...

Thanks. There's definitely cool tracks in there. Hmmm, I've never made a space mix... I do like avant garde electronica, but not that ear stabbing moog stuff. The best comp/ost I've heard like this was Peter Thomas - Raumpatrouille I comped some of it when I was just starting out.

Mike said...

Much of this stuff is unknown to me. There is just too much library stuff out there. A lot of it, while good, isn't deserving of the often tremendous price tags people have been attaching to them IMO. Even when you have quality composers like Geoff Bastow or Keith Mansfield, this stuff should be made affordable so as not to distance the work from the general listener. Library music really belongs in the soundtrack genre.

At any rate, the tracks by Robert Hall Unknown(?) were intriguing. Flashback is very nice despite the lackluster quality. But then, there's something about mid/low-quality recordings of old material that invites a certain degree of nostalgia or, in this case, peculiarity, wonder.

The hi vs low quality recording debate that has raged on for decades is just fodder for audiophiles who, I suspect, want everything to be of the utmost, pristine quality. While I believe that quality is important, even more important is first and foremost quality music augmented by quality performances, both of which are hard to come by in today's music.

Hrangue said...

That's the beauty of it. Because there's so much exploring/digging doesn't get old. Pay to play does make it a chore though. And many of these dealers price based on speculation. I will never forget the first time I got slammed by speculation.

About a year and a half ago I was snatching up anything related that would build my Xihong Library. I went out on a limb and bought a pricy record ($72.00 w/o SH) because I fell for the trap. I got the record and I was pissed for 3 reasons.

1. It was supposedly RARE. After I bought it someone else popped up with one next week for just $12.00. That's the game... I can live with that because I made a choice.

2. It just wasn't that good. It had kungfu music on it (it better had!), but it wasn't ground breaking.

3. The guy that sold it had ANOTHER one and he listed it the next week for $46. So there were 2 on sale same time and each of them were less. After watching Ebay (and knowing what's mp3'd or on sale elsewhere) daily for 2.5 years I'LL TELL YOU what's rare.

There's LPs out there that sound like a clown blowing his nose while playing Tetris on Gameboy and some dealer will call it "breaks and drama samples." And I got that Robert Hall record for 50 cent. Great find!